Connect.Press and secure the Low-Beam/Flash-to-Pass alter a minimum of 5 seconds.
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Connect.Press and secure the Low-Beam/Flash-to-Pass alter a minimum of 5 seconds.
Connect.Press and secure the Low-Beam/Flash-to-Pass alter a minimum of 5 seconds.

Advanced safeguards, motorcycle statistics and comfort.

  • You Must bring signed up for H-D ™ Connect
  • Transfer your cycle to an unbarred room with cellular plans
  • Downloading the H-D ™ Software

Perform all of the following sequence and faucet “next” any time end.

  1. Push and keep the Low-Beam/Flash-to-Pass turn of at least 5 mere seconds
  2. If applicable, switch transmission to neutral prior to starting to counteract inadvertent action
  3. Press the beginning move to get started the cycle

After you’ve effectively stimulated your H-D join services, kindly shut your bike switched off and wait 60 seconds before beginning back up for your forthcoming ride.

In case your activation isn’t prosperous, you’ll generally be encouraged to retry the approach.

You may want to extend for assistance if you’re having difficulty.

Create a durable mobile association individual mobile before beginning the activation procedure. Enough time had to turn on vary dependent on mobile service, but typical service your time is anticipated to consider 2 hour.

1. Grab the Harley-Davidson cellular application and create a merchant account.

2. sign in with levels.

3. create your bicycle to your profile by VIN or cycle seasons and type.

4. Simply click your H-D™ join able motorcycle. Hit "trigger H-D™ link" individual motorcycle's shape. Keep to the service prompts individual display

Log on to your H-D member profile and head to "cycle info" point to terminate.

If further help is required, call the consumer phone center.

The united states (me and Canada) toll-free: 866-895-4707

Exterior The United States: 414-343-4736

Open the Harley-Davidson mobile application, and choose your own H-D ™ hook up appropriate cycle. From the motorcycle level page, search down to the cycle Safeguards segment and choose (Report motorcycle as Stolen), you will then be asked to validate taken, as well as to confirm your own identity by re-entering their username and password.

Upon revealing the motorcycle as taken when you look at the cellular application, now you are capable view the area of your cycle on a road, and be able to promote the placement of one's motorcycle with others by picking (display Location) from the cycle Security element of your very own mobile phone software. You suggest that you utilize this operation to talk about the placement using your nearby law enforcement. You advise which you file a stolen police force review really nearby government.

Ensure that you have subscribed to H-D Connect at their visibility on into the motorcycle particulars webpage. Further, ensure you need put in your own LiveWire your page and in fact is listed within the cellular app (make sure VIN matches).

If signup am finished and bicycle is included your member profile from inside the mobile phone app, test to make certain we completed the service sequence by pressing "start activation" and executing the sequence throughout the bicycle. Will probably be your software suggesting that reports will populate after your future ride? Sign in "My Bikes" element of H-D™ software and take a ride if needed! Ensure your bicycle is actually an area that has cellular tool Make fully sure your phone possesses cell solution or WIRELESS

Nevertheless having issues witnessing data? Call customer get in touch with focus.

The states (United States and Ontario) toll-free: 866-895-4707

External United States: 414-343-4736

News for H-D ™ Connect application in your cycle are actually pressed straight from the fog towards your bike.

After revisions are quite ready to download, you're motivate to start the apply by executing an integral sequence individual cycle.

News and notifications of when the software revisions can be found and the way to trigger the purchase shall be delivered to your H-D software.

Be sure your very own VIN put during register suits the VIN in your cycle.

You should have been in a location with cellular policy.

Retry the service series.

Still having issues seeing facts? Call client call middle.

The united states (me and Canada) toll free: 866-895-4707

Exterior The States: 414-343-4736

For questions regarding the H-D ™ associate service, you could give us a call at:

866-895-4707 (toll-free in everyone & Canada)

Days and Hours Reinforced: Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm CST

For questions about the H-D™ be connected solution, you'll contact us at:

414-343-4736 (regional prices may employ.)

Instances and Occasions Reinforced: Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm CST

Languages reliant on the customer satisfaction reps: English, french (UK), English (Australia), Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (EU) , French, French (Canadian), German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil), Japanese. (H-D makes use of an authorized service to help with presentation solutions, and we are going to would our very own far better supporting calls in any terminology if able to do so using those companies.)

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