There can be most likely no personal occasion more challenging and demanding to organize than a wedding
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There can be most likely no personal occasion more challenging and demanding to organize than a wedding
There can be most likely no personal occasion more challenging and demanding to organize than a wedding

Whilst the real work of having hitched Islamically is simple, the marriage becomes a crazy mess if careful thinking isn't an element of the processes.

It's with this in mind that individuals've develop the detailed list below. It is not extensive, but it is a basic standard in question format brides, grooms, families and friends may use for preparation.


Have all of the people who're a part of planning this wedding (for example. bride, bridegroom, bride's moms and dads, siblings, friends; bridegroom's moms and dads, siblings, company) sat collectively formally at a conference?

Need they mentioned and resolved the factors below?


Experience the bride, bridegroom as well as their individuals mentioned what type of marriage they need? Some facts to consider tend to be:

  • large or small
  • elegant or easy
  • official everyday
  • food or lunch, tea or picnic


  • Have a total wedding ceremony organizer become selected?
  • Is it person earlier (i.e. a mother), better, individual, tolerant and practiced?
  • Can this individual deal with worry and force really?
  • Need they prepared some other wedding events or large personal happenings before?
  • Experience the bride, groom in addition to their households concurred that this person should-be in charge of the arrangements?
  • Has an understanding been produced by anyone tangled up in preparing the wedding this individual could have the ultimate declare over all issues pertaining to the marriage, appropriate Shura (consultation) with relevant people?
  • Has an understanding become reached that every listings, papers and news with respect to the wedding is produced recognized to this organizer by all functions tangled up in arranging this wedding?


Features a Shariah criteria committee already been chosen? This committee will:

  • verify information on the relationships agreement, such as the Mahr and conditions to-be put in the deal have been finalized
  • uncover what is needed from a couple of to get married because condition (for example. a marriage licenses, blood test).
  • inform the wedding couple of those needs
  • assist the groom and bride protected the mandatory files (for example. matrimony licenses)
  • notify the wedding couple of every immigration problem strongly related marriage (when the relationships entails a couple in numerous nations)


Provides spending budget panel, led by an accountable, old practiced accountant ideally started set up? This committee will:

  • determine a budget the marriage
  • set this resources in writing
  • ensure this funds started authorized by the people that are investing in they (in other words. groom, groom's family, bride, bride's families)?
  • alert each committee (see below) exactly how much money they are able to spend on their unique area
  • bring each committee the money it must become its tasks completed
  • produce your final financial bookkeeping after the wedding when it comes to record associated with the bride, the groom incase wished, for individuals


Has a hallway panel started demonstrated? This panel will:

  • discuss with pertinent activities what type of hallway to book
  • decide a hallway according to the preferences in the appropriate functions while the budget they are considering
  • make sure booking the hall does not mean are trapped along with its catering providers (if related parties don't want this). This must be mentioned utilizing the items panel (see below)
  • guide the hallway
  • sign a created contract together
  • follow through every so often with hall managers to advise all of them from the agreement
  • handle all real plans (for example. seating preparations, divorce with the sexes) at the hall.
  • ensure the guidelines and rules associated with hallway were trusted by pertinent events and visitors during wedding ceremony
  • get them to settled immediately due to their service
  • resolve hospitality dilemmas related to the marriage

A few things to look for in a hallway is:

  • is it in a convenient location for visitors?
  • does it have motels and accommodations nearby with the intention that out-of-town guests can easily get to the webpages?
  • include these resort hotels and motels affordable?
  • really does the hallway have enough room for prayer while in the marriage?
  • is there individual places of males and women or did it no less than feel segregated effortlessly?
  • is washrooms large enough to allow for the needs of a lot of guests?
  • could be the hall clean and well-kept?
  • will additional wedding events end up being conducted in the same hall at the same time?
  • if that's the case, will this restrict your wedding celebration?
  • can the decoration committee are available a single day before to setup the spot?
  • does the hallway incorporate providing? If so, provides the edibles committee started notified within this?
  • does the hallway has a condition which you have to use their own providing? If so, possess pertinent events therefore the dishes panel become notified of the and get they approved it?
  • what is the optimum ability of men and women let in the hallway?
  • exactly what are the flame rules?
  • is it possible to bring burners keeping the meals hot?
  • the length of the kitchen?
  • could there be a parking location that will be adequate for guests that will be free?
  • exactly what are the regulations associated with the place?
  • have you got a written duplicate of them?
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